Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Garden Moth Challenge 2014 begins :-)

A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Garden Moth Challenge 2013. It has been a great project with far more contributors than we expected. It is great to see that there is such an active moth'ing community out there!

Everyone who took part deserves some kudos as moths and lepidoptera are quite a challenging group of insects :-)

Wrapping up on last years event I have been amazed with the amount of species participants have recorded in their garden. I exceeded all expectation in my garden, that is for sure! So here is the amazing tallies of the top three challengers:
  1. 537 species Les Hill (Dorset)
  2. 504 species Lionel Burgess (Bedfordshire)
  3. 464 species Andy Musgrove (Norfolk)   
Huge congratulations to everyone!

So now to to 2014! We are running the challenge again in the same format. Maybe next year we will look at a points system but this year we will keep it simple again! I hope we can exceed last years number of participants; remeber this challenge is open to anyone no matter where you live in the world!

For last years participants who want to take up the challenge again; just send your updates via the comments on the 'Latest Scores' page. For new participants, please email me your name and county that you run your trap in to tristan 'at' theinkednaturalist dot co dot uk.

You can check out the rules here:

If you are a twitter user, you can join our community by using the hashtag #teammoth (don't forget to follow me on @inkednaturalist)!

Welcome to Moth Club!

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