Saturday, 30 August 2014

End of Month Update from Bucks.

What a poor month it has been in my garden. Wet, wind, cold. And thus very few moths. The new species are as follows:

207. Monopis laevigella (Skin Moth)
208. Agonopterix arenella
209. Acleris emargana
210. Cydia amplana  (first for garden all-time list)
211. Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
212. Small Square-spot  (first for garden all-time list)
213. Square-spot Rustic
214. Spectacle
215. Garden Rose Tortrix
216. Lime-speck Pug (first for garden all-time list)
217. Copper Underwing
218. Flounced Rustic
219. Agriphila geniculea

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