Friday, 13 September 2013

Quiet start to Autumn in Bucks.

Moth numbers have reduced dramatically recently in my South Bucks garden, with much colder and/or wetter nights.

I have been struggling to catch anything new for my challenge list, but I have had one or two things through, so a quick update:

308. Ypsolopha sylvella (lifer!)
309. Hypatima rhomboidella
310. Eudonia angustea
311. Pyrausta purpuralis (NFG)
312. Acleris sparsana
313. Blood-vein (NFG)
314. Centre-barred Sallow

Centre-barred Sallow

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  1. I run a blog for Smestow Valley LNR. I have started a nature network to protect our patches and coordinate wildlife surveys. Please could you e-mail me at and I can send you more information. Thank you. Regards, Chris Millward

    p.s only came across your site through networking. Fantastic idea and I shall be adding you to my links