Sunday, 29 September 2013

Whetstone Leics. Slacking

Here's a well overdue update.

In September I have mainly been not trapping when the weather wasn't great, and not trapping last week when the weather was great 'cause I was working in France. Hence not too much going on to get excited about, and disappointingly when I have had the trap out I've missed out on anything like Vestal that has turned up in other Leics. gardens this year. Also starting to feel like having missed the best week in the month I'm maybe going to miss out on one or two expected species (Sallow, Pink-barred Sallow, Black Rustic, Frosted Orange all yet to appear in my garden traps this year, but trap is out again tonight and I still a chance). Pleased and slightly dismayed about last nights catch though; whilst I added nine species, a few of those were 'end of season' markers. Up to 425 now, with another couple of species new for the garden.

Taxon Vernacular Date Added
404 Tinea trinotella
405 Dichrorampha acuminatana
406 Cacoecimorpha pronubana Carnation Tortrix 26/08/2013
407 Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral 26/08/2013
408 Stigmella aurella
409 Eupithecia tripunctaria White-spotted Pug 26/08/2013
410 Ephestia parasitella unicolorella
411 Eudonia angustea
412 Prays ruficeps
413 Epinotia ramella
414 Phyllonorycter strigulatella
415 Omphaloscelis lunosa Lunar Underwing 10/09/2013
416 Pararge aegeria Speckled Wood 13/09/2013
417 Thera britannica Spruce Carpet 28/09/2013
418 Lithophane leautieri hesperica Blair's Shoulder-knot 28/09/2013
419 Allophyes oxyacanthae Green-brindled Crescent 28/09/2013
420 Agrochola lota Red-line Quaker 28/09/2013
421 Agrochola lychnidis Beaded Chestnut 28/09/2013
422 Hydraecia micacea Rosy Rustic 28/09/2013
423 Chloroclysta siterata Red-green Carpet 28/09/2013
424 Thera juniperata Juniper Carpet 28/09/2013
425 Xanthia aurago Barred Sallow 28/09/2013

Phyllonorycter strigulatella


Red Underwing

Vapourer, ex-larva

Green-brindled Crescent

Red-green Carpet

Red-line Quaker

Beaded Chestnut

Blair's Shoulder-knot

Spruce Carpet

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