Friday, 23 May 2014

Peering at leaves

There’s been a bit of a lull here in Beds. on the trapping front, but we did a bit of leaf mining last month. This allowed us to confirm the presence of Eriocrania unimaculella from last month’s trap and to add a few new species to our year list (one of which turned out to be a beetle!).
Eriocrania sangii

Some other micros floating around while we were peering at leaves in the garden were: Phyllonorycter harrisella, Esperia sulphurella, and Argyrotaenia ljungiana. A recent new addition to the Lodge was Carpatolechia proximella, which is the 7th Beds. record for this species.  The Hawk-moths have started appearing, with Lime and Poplar our sightings so far, and we’ve had the usual Flame Shoulders, Rustic Shoulder-knots, Treble Lines etc. in the trap recently. One of April’s highlights was an Alder Moth, which is an uncommon resident in Beds.

Our butterfly total is lagging at the moment on just 7 species but we’ve had 68 moth species so far, which takes our total up to 75.

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