Friday, 4 October 2013

Limping Along in Oxford

My last post back in early August was when I'd managed to reach the 200 mark in the GMC. Then the mothing was going well I was full of optimism and I posted a revised an end of year target of 250. I went away on holiday for a couple of weeks in August but since I've been back the mothing has not been the same. In fact when we had that cold week a while back I stopped bothering all together but now that things are milder I'm back putting the trap out each evening. My catches are often less than 20 (that's individual moths, not species!) but I've still managed to catch a smattering of NFY autumn moths which is keeping my interest up.

For the record, here are my new additions since my last posting.

09/08/2013    Sallow Kitten
09/08/2013    Svennson's Copper Underwing
09/08/2013    Flounced Rustic
09/08/2013    Cloaked Minor
09/08/2013    Crambus Perlella
25/07/2013    Purple Thorn
10/08/2013    Ypsolopha Scabrella
10/08/2013    Mompha Propinquella
12/08/2013    Copper Underwing
12/08/2013    Borkhausenia fuscescens
28/08/2013    Gold Spot
28/08/2013    Square-spot Rustic
28/08/2013    Lesser Yellow Underwing
28/08/2013    Vine's Rustic
28/08/2013    Small Square-spot
29/08/2013    Setaceous Hebrew Character
31/08/2013    Garden Pebble
03/03/2013    Centre-barred Sallow
03/03/2013    Eudonia angustea
05/09/2013    Nephoterix Angustella
09/09/2013    Red Underwing
10/09/2013    Hummingbird Hawk Moth
22/09/2013    Small Dusty Wave
23/09/2013    Agonopterix arenella
25/09/2013    Brown-spot Pinion
26/09/2013    Pink-barred Sallow
26/09/2013    Large Ranunculus
30/09/2013    Lunar Underwing
01/10/2013    Barred Sallow
03/10/2013    Red-line Quaker
03/10/2013    Angled Shades
03/10/2013    Beaded Chestnut

A while back I was thinking that there would be no chance of making my 250 revised total. However I've been adding NFY slowly but steadily and I've managed to limp along to 226 moths which together with my butterfly total of 15 takes me to 241 so there's a real possibility that I might make 250 now.

By way of moth porn for this posting I've picked out some autumn moths. As always please correct me if I'm wrong with any of the ID's.

Beaded Chestnut
Barred Sallow
Large Ranunculus
Lunary Underwing
Pink-barred Sallow
Centre-barred Sallow

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