Thursday, 3 October 2013

That was September, that was... plus ID requests

As expected, September saw a decrease overall in numbers and in quality - 103 species in the course of the month, but a number of summer favourites diminishing or vanishing: so we've seen no Mothers-of-pearl or Poplar Hawkmoths for some weeks, and very few Square-spot Rustics. Still, a few nice and unexpected species have shown up during the month, perhaps the most notable being a Vestal: interesting that an immigrant species should make it as far as Oxfordshire - it also gives me hope of a Convolvulus Hawkmoth one of these days. Another species new to the garden, and which has turned up a few times in the latter half of the month, is Large Ranunculus: a very handsome creature indeed.

Large Ranunculus, 21st September

Vestal, 29th September

A couple of ID quandaries we're left with, which I'd be grateful if people were able to help with: it's been suggested (and I've tended to agree) that the following is a Campion, on the basis that its kidney-mark and oval do, more or less, seem to join - however, I've also had suggestions of Lychnis instead: any thoughts?

Campion or Lychnis? 2nd September

Secondly, this micro, from 10th September, seems to me to have an orangey head, which should make it a Prays ruficeps, as opposed to fraxinella - again, any thoughts gratefully received.

Possible Prays ruficeps, 10th September

Anyway, temperatures remain fairly decent overnight, so I hope for a few more decent catches (and as ever live in anticipation of our first ever Merveille du Jour: Death's-head Hawkmoth seems a much more distant prospect, although one was reported in August about eight miles west of us, so you never know).

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  1. Hi Steve.
    100% Lychnis
    The Prays is more difficult and is currently undergoing DNA anaylis to be sure what the differences are between fraxinella f.rustica and P.ruficeps