Sunday, 13 October 2013

Slowly does it

It's getting to the time of year where I can't really justify putting the trap out every night - sometimes I'm either afraid the rainshield won't cope with the weather, or it just seems too cold. Still, it is sometimes worth it - we had 52 individuals of 24 species on 7th October, and we continue to pick up a few new-for-years and even the odd new-for-garden (which pretty invariably means lifers for Xander and me). In the latter column in the last week or so, a Satellite, which feels like one of those which turn up once in the trap and never appear again; and in the former, several Red-line Quakers. There have also been a few migrants making their way to Oxford - we had our second Vestal on the 7th, and have had a smattering of Silver Ys and Dark Sword-grasses.

Satellite, 7th October
Red-line Quaker, 8th October
Dark Sword-grass, 6th October
All of which brings our total for the year to 388: 374 moths and fourteen butterflies. I've more or less given up on 400 moths for the year, but the total does feel frustratingly close to 400 all told - I have a suspicion we'll just fall short, but there are a number of species we had last year that have yet to show up, such as Green-brindled Crescent, so we might yet squeak home...

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  1. And right on cue... among six moths of six species in the trap this morning was a Green-brindled Crescent. Now, if a Merveille du Jour could just see its way clear to showing up tomorrow, that would be great