Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Grinding along...

Numbers still feel a bit low compared to some others so far, but given that this time last year our year list stood at one individual of one species, it's quite hard to complain! We've had the trap out for the last couple of nights, both of which have been relatively balmy, and had thirty-or-so individuals both nights: several new species for the year, including Double-striped Pug (a handsome individual on the 31st giving the lie to the idea that pugs are all dull) and a rather early-feeling Flame Shoulder on the 31st. Several nice micros, too, with our first Beautiful Plume and Many-plumed of the year, among others. All of which leaves the year's total at 29: 26 moths, plus three butterflies.

Double-striped Pug, 31/3/14

Flame Shoulder, 31/3/14

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