Monday, 7 April 2014

Various new species - but a slowdown on numbers

Some quite good nights last week - 2nd April was especially busy, with 16 species in and around the trap - but despite quite high temperatures, things have slowed down over the last couple of nights: possibly it's been too windy? At any rate, last night we only got twelve individuals; on the other hand, new species have kept coming regardless, including our first ever Water Carpet and Powdered Quaker, our first Brimstone, Herald and Muslin Moth of the year, and several nice micros. It's quite noticeable that many of the individuals are rather nice, spruce specimens: presumably recently emerged. Anyway, there's a selection of them below: we're now on 39 all told: 36 moths and three butterflies.

Water Carpet, 2/4/14

Powdered Quaker, 2/4/14

Brimstone, 3/4/14

Herald, 2/4/14

Muslin Moth, 6/4/14

Caloptilia semifascia, 6/4/14

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