Monday, 21 April 2014

Story so far near Oxford

Here's a list of moths which have visited my Robinson trap in Thrupp, Oxon, since the beginning of February. More on Martin's Moths and Upper Thames Moths if of interest. All warm wishes, Martin Wainwright.

Pale Brindled Beauty 2/3 February, Chestnut 2/3 February, Dotted Border 16/17 February

Hebrew Character 18/19 February, Common Plume 23/24 February, Satellite 23/24 February, Common Quaker 24/25 February, Clouded Drab 24/25 February, Early Grey 6 March, Small Brindled Beauty 9 March, Small Quaker 9 March, Twin-spotted Quaker 9 March, March Moth 10 March
Pale Pinion 10 March, Carnation Tortrix, Cacoecimorpha pronubana 16 March, Lead-coloured Drab  16 March, Agonopterix heracliana 18 March, Brindled Beauty 18 March, Leek Moth, Acrolepiopsis assectela (susp) 18 March, Oak Beauty 18 March, Red Chestnut 22 March, Early Thorn 31 March, Pine Beauty 31 March, Brindled Pug 31 March, Agonopterix alstromeriana  1 April. Diurnea flagella 1 April, Dotted Chestnut 1 April, Powdered Quaker 4 April, Purple Thorn 9 April, Twenty-plume 11 April, Brimstone Moth 16 April, Chocolate-tip 17 April, Coxcomb Prominent 17 April, Muslin Moth 17 April, Nut-tree Tussock 17 April.

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