Saturday, 7 June 2014

Derby Garden Catch Up (of sorts)

I've been very slack at GCM blogging and keeping up to date with my records - still yet to write a single one on to a meaningful record sheet this year.  Excuses are many but mostly work to blame.

Monday 2nd June I was due to do a local BBS in Derby so thought was I could set the trap Sunday night, get up (early) and go through the trap pre-survey.

Trap set, bed and then up at 0430 to empty trap and go off to complete the survey.  My plan (which was a very good one) didn't quite work out as well as hoped on account of catching a very full trap so I went through and ID'd what I could but 40 pots were hastily put in to the fridge for later ID.

Final totals were 130+ moths of 30 species with one or two which are and will always remain (on account of being released) un-identified.

Here's a few highlights which included a new for garden Green Silver Lines.  Photos were all taken in a home made light-box which produced some nice results (I hope!!).  I am particularly pleased with the Hook-tip.

Pebble Hook-tip


Clouded Silver

Clouded-bordered Brindle

Thistle Ermine

Figure of 80

Green Silver Lines

Lime-spec Pug


ps = BBS went well and I even managed to see/find Tree Sparrow just about with the city limits of Derby which was exceedingly pleasing and a massive highlight!

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