Monday, 2 June 2014

Things may be improving in Bucks?

I've continued to see a range of decent moths on my trips out, but until last night, I've had very little in my garden, when I had 17 species in and it was the first night when I've had loads of those stripey caddisflies that rattle continually against the trap, which makes me feel it may at last be summer.

Anyway, my new species for the challenge are:

28. Ghost Moth (first ever for the garden)
29. Esperia sulphurella
30. Scoparia ambigualis
31. Udea olivalis (NFY)
32. Bee Moth
33. Garden Carpet (NFY)
34. Grey Pine Carpet
35. Mottled Pug
36. White-spotted Pug (NFY)
37. Dwarf Pug
38. Green Pug (NFY)
39. Tawny Barred Angle
40. Brimstone
41. Willow Beauty
42. Buff Tip
43. White Ermine
44. Heart & Dart (NFY)
45. Ingrailed Clay
46. Tawny Marbled Minor (agg.)
47. Middle Barred Minor

Ghost Moth

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