Sunday, 16 March 2014

Good weekend - and hitting 400 (but only on our all-time list...)

Still only 'good' by fairly unexacting March standards, but the lovely weather this weekend has livened things up a bit around the trap. As well as the Satellite mentioned recently, we had quite a full trap (well, twenty moths, which was a record for the year) on Saturday night, including Acleris hastiana, Diurnea fagella, a handsome Early Grey and an Oak Nycteoline: the first and last of those gave us quite an i.d. headache, but the Oak Nycteoline was especially welcome, as it was a first for the garden, and our 400th garden moth species. Then tonight I found a Twin-spotted Quaker hanging around the trap, another year first, and the trap seems quite busy, so hoping to hit the twenties before too long...

Acleris hastiana, 15/3/14

Diurnea fagella, 15/3/14

Early Grey, 15/3/14

Oak Nycteoline, 15/3/14

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