Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Year So Far - Derbyshire

So far this year has been slow to say the least.  Only 10 species of moth caught so far (plus 1 Butterfly) with trapping being very hit and miss (mostly due to the weather and being away with work!).

Things can only get better and hoping this cool spell ends soon!

Highlights this year (not many to choose from) would be Grey Shoulder-knot and a Satellite.  Here's a selection of species caught.

Chestnut (21st February)

Silver Y (4th March)

Clouded Drab (09th March)

Common Quaker (09th March)

Early Grey (09th March)
Satellite (09th March)

Beautiful Plume (16th March)
Still waiting for Pine or Oak Beauty!!  Hoping the weather is better next weekend and I get a few more new for the year!.

Happy mothing folks and look forward to all of your updates (#teammoth)

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