Sunday, 28 April 2013

A proper introduction!

Hi All,

I've just realised that in the excitement of making my first post, I forgot to give it a title or to introduce myself or my garden! So, apologies for that - I shall rectify both here...

I'm Cheryl and I'm running an MV trap with my partner in rural Warwickshire. We first began trapping in 2004 whilst living in Argyll, running the trap just a few times a year until 2007, during which time we recorded about 150 species of macro moth.

In 2008, we returned south but didn't really begin trapping regularly again until last July. Current total for the present garden is 120 species, and the current total for 2013 is just 15. It's quite interesting to compare the similarities and differences between two such disparate locations, and also to note what is missing here - the ostensibly common Early Grey, for instance, remains stubbornly absent from the trap. The site is quite elevated and exposed, so I'm not sure yet if they just aren't here, or are merely behind. Time will tell...

Habitats nearby are mainly parkland, arable farmland and mixed deciduous woodland. There must be plenty of wet flushes nearby too, because the garden pond brought in 9 dragon/damsel species before its third birthday - ironically nearly as many moths as this year!!!

Here is my list for 2013 so far:

Spring Usher
March Moth
Pale Brindled Beauty
Dotted Border
Common Quaker
Small Quaker
Oak Beauty
Clouded Drab
Hebrew Character
Lead-coloured Drab
Twin-spotted Quaker
Red Chestnut
Brindled Beauty
Diurnea fagella

I'm hoping this will be the year to get to grips with the micros - the single Diurnea record is a reflection of that!

As for the day job, I'm a chemist-turned-geologist. The closest I've ever got to a moth at work was receiving a plea to remove a poplar hawkmoth from the lock to the liquid nitrogen cage, where it had decided to snooze for the day!

All the best for a great mothing summer...


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