Thursday, 25 April 2013


I'd like to introduce myself to the group

Graham Dixon

I'm 59 retired and have been trapping since Aug 2008

I record all my catches on Mapmate and sent them to the County Recorder

I live in The Village of Gregon Lane just south of Preston. 

My interest in moths was kindled when I worked on nights at Warton Aerodrome (BAESYSTEMS) the sodium lights attracted insects by the thousands.

I am Newsletter Editor for Butterfly Consevation - Lancashire.

If you want to know what I do outside of mothing  -check TROUBLE at' MILL

12 Species so far this year

March Moth



Oak Beauty

Small Quaker

Common Quaker

Twin-spotted Quaker

Early Grey (Numbers up on previous years)

Hebrew Character

Clouded Drab

Early Thorn

Double-striped Pug


  1. Hi Graham, nice post and some lovely images. Satellite would be a new one for my garden :-)

  2. Nice shots but have another look at your Chestnut - I think it's Red Chestnut. Also, are the two Early Thorn photos the same insect? Early Thorn habitually rests with wings closed whilst Purple Thorn holds them open. (Can't remember what Lunar Thorn does - never seen it!) Cheers, Andy.

  3. The two shots are of the same Early Thorn yesterday- I had placed it on a stick to photograph it - it fell oof and I caught it and opened it's wings - luckily I had the camera in my other hand.
    The Hebrew Character - Twin-spotted Quaker - March Moth - Early Thorn - Small Quaker are photos taken this year - the others are out of my stock at
    The jury's out on Red Chestnut picture for that moth which was caught in 2011