Friday, 26 April 2013

Still slow - but awesome!

Morning all, following on from my introductory post last night I awoke to a very soggy garden! Luckily a carefully position table kept the worst of the rain out the trap. 

Just seven moths of four species; 3 Double-striped Pug (see below), 2 Common Quaker, single Early Grey and a single Brindled Beauty! A new one for me - hurrah! 

Pretty sure this is Double-striped Pug?

Brindled Beauty and what a beauty! 
So, Brindled Beauty was garden moth species number 16 for me. I sit middle of the pack and poised for a downpour of moths when the weather improves!


  1. Yep, that's DS Pug Jonny. Small, and often (but not always) with some reddish tints

  2. Check out the antennae on that Brindled Beauty! Still not caught one here yet.