Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hi from Norfolk

Hi all - good idea this blog. I probably won't be posting often as I'm a bit busy/dedicated/obsessed with chasing 1000 species (of all species - not just Lepidoptera!) in 2013 in my home 1 km square here in Shotesham, a few miles south of Norwich. So I'm mostly posting on the separate 1000for1ksq blog instead

However, I've been moth-trapping for many years now (bought my first trap in '95) and it's always fun to tot up the totals for the year. Since we moved here in August 2006 I've noted just over 500 species in the garden, although for the last few years I've only really been trapping once weekly for the Garden Moth Scheme. However, I'm putting in a lot more effort this year as I'm expecting a decent moth-tally will form the bedrock of my attempts to reach 1000 species. Not sure I'll stay at the top of the rankings for long, if we get any REALLY serious experts joining in. Although I do try to identify most of the reasonable micros, there are still a lot I just run away from...

Have fun everyone!

P.S. This is one of the best ones so far (although I have to admit it's actually an individual I photographed a couple of years ago)

Small Eggar

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  1. Small Eggar are super moths aren't they! I caught one of these last year, so hoping for a repeat of that! I'm a bit scared of your 500 species previous, but hoping you'll get distracted by beetles and let a few moth species escape before you ID them :-)
    I've got to concentrate on my 1k in the next few days, to reach that elusive 300! Blog post coming your way soon!