Thursday, 25 April 2013

Don't fear the Micro !

That's my mantra this year.
 I started trapping March 2012, and enjoyed the season, which was about 4 weeks with the crap weather.
To be honest I nearly lost my mojo, only managing about 40 odd species. But I realised it was a bad year, and I am attempting to make my small garden a bit more mothophillic, so hopefully the macro range will be better.
I use one of Paul Batty's Actinic Eco Traps, but I can feel a bit of sugaring coming on this year, if it doesn't work, I reckon it will make a good cocktail base. I guess by the time I surface some weekends everything has left too ;)
I am also determined not to go to pieces at the sight of a Micro this year, and stalk the garden, not just examine the trap.

My first Twenty-plume was a highlight last night, I'm up to 14 now
Good Luck everyone !



  1. I found a pair of these (a couple of years ago) mating, on thw wall, just above the urinal in the gents (Romantic devils:-)at Conder Green picnic site - I quickly grabbed my camera, from the car and went back in - then I stopped and realised what this would look like to anyone coming in. So I carefully teased them on to a tissue and took them out to photograph on a leaf