Friday, 30 August 2013

"Armchair Ticks" in Bucks.

My garden trap has been pretty quiet as we move inexorably into autumn, with 3-4 species dominating the catch each night, but there have been a handful of new species arriving:

290. Blastobasis adustella
291. Purple Bar (NFG)
292. Small Square-spot

I also sent off a selection of moths caught during June & July, mainly micros, to a local expert for identification and confirmation, and received the list back today. Some of these were new for my Challenge list, so here they are:

293. Monopis crocicapitella (lifer)

294. Parornix anglicella (lifer)

295. Parornix finitimella (lifer)

296. Paraswammerdamia nebulella
297. Coleophora serratella (lifer)
298. Larch Case-bearer (Coleophora laricella) (lifer)
299. Coleophora argentula (lifer)
300. Parachronistis albiceps (lifer)
301. Bryotropha affinis (lifer)
302. Holly Tortrix (Rhopobota naevana)
303. Epiblema rosaecolana (lifer)
304. Plum Fruit Moth (Grapholita funebrana)
305. Dichrorampha alpinana (lifer)
306. Ephestia parasitella
307. Hoary Footman (lifer)

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