Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bumper Night in Bucks

After a miserable week of cold and wet, I decided to cheer myself by running my MV light for the first time in a couple of weeks. A few hours on, and I've still got moths in the fridge to try and id, but for now the tally stands at 272 moths of 94 species which is by far my largest home garden count (I did have more moths in my parent's garden in Wales, although if I can id the rest, this will be my highest species count).

Naturally enough, this amount of moths has added a few new species to my Garden Challenge list, including some species new to the all-time garden list (NFG), and some for my year list (NFY) as well.

228. Black Arches
229. Clouded Border (NFG)
230. Dingy Footman
231. Bright-line Brown-eye (NFG)
232. Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
233. Tawny-speckled Pug (NFY)
234. Light Arches (NFG)
235. Shuttle-shaped Dart
236. Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
237. Sallow Kitten (NFY)
238. Dusky Thorn (NFY)
239. September Thorn (NFY)
240. Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner (NFY)
241. Cherry Fruit Moth (Lifer)
242. Catoptria falsella
 Black Arches
 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
 Clouded Border
Tawny-specked Pug

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