Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bit gloomy in Bucks.

The weather hasn't been the greatest for the last few days here in Bucks, and the moths counts have noticeably fallen. Even running my MV light last night brought in less than 50 individuals, but there have at least been one or two new species to add to my life and Garden Challenge lists:

243. Limnaecia phragmitella (NFG and definitely away from it's normal habitat!)
244: Garden Rose Tortrix
245. Meal Moth (NFY)
246. Peach Blossom (NFG)
247. Small Phoenix
248. Bordered Pug (lifer)
249. Magpie Moth
250. Campion (lifer)
251. Engrailed (NFG)
252. Rosy Minor
253. Agriphila geniculea (NFY)

254. Dichrorampha petiverella (lifer)
255. Flounced Rustic
256. Maple Prominent
257. Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix
258. Small Angle Shades (NFG)
259. Gold Triangle (NFY)

Meal Moth

 Bordered Pug

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