Monday, 5 August 2013

Whetstone Leics. - still they come

Seems like much longer than a week since I last updated, during which time I've added another 25 species including a butterfly I probably overlooked earlier in the year.

I'll start with a painful one - quite possibly the rarest moth ever in my garden traps and the blasted thing evaded the pot after a couple of quick shots. However I didn't realise the seriousness of this until a couple of hours later when I checked camera images and choked on me tea. It's one of either Crombrugghia distans or laeta, and neither should be in a south Leics. garden. The former is a local species on the south-east coast and Brecks, the latter is a proper rare rarity in the UK. Gen det required to confirm which is clearly not possible. The only saving grace (possibly) is that one was also taken unexpectedly in Hunts on 31/07/2013 which is being detted and may give some credance one way or t'other to mine.

Crombrugghia distans/laeta .. sob .. rare .. sob .. lost .... still, aggregates count in this challenge ;-)

Also two other new for the garden micros, including sadly worn tortrix not worthy of much photographic effort ....

Agapeta zoegana - 99th tortrix for the garden

Additions since last update, taking me to 374, are:

Taxon Vernacular Date Added
350 Noctua janthe Lesser Broad-bord. Yell. Underwing 31/07/2013
351 Eilema depressa Buff Footman 31/07/2013
352 Pandemis corylana Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix 31/07/2013
353 Polygonia c-album Comma 01/08/2013
354 Orgyia antiqua Vapourer 01/08/2013
355 Eupithecia icterata subfulvata Tawny Speckled Pug 01/08/2013
356 Mompha propinquella
357 Scotopteryx chenopodiata Shaded Broad-bar 01/08/2013
358 Dichrorampha simpliciana
359 Phyllonorycter platanoidella
360 Nemapogon wolffiella
361 Hydriomena furcata July Highflyer 01/08/2013
362 Hepialus sylvina Orange Swift 01/08/2013
363 Pyralis farinalis Meal Moth 01/08/2013
364 Amphipyra pyramidea Copper Underwing 01/08/2013
365 Crombrugghia distans/laeta Crombrugghia sp. 02/08/2013
366 Cosmia pyralina Lunar-spotted Pinion 02/08/2013
367 Cydia splendana
368 Agrotis ipsilon Dark Sword-grass 02/08/2013
369 Thalpophila matura Straw Underwing 02/08/2013
370 Agapeta zoegana
371 Agriphila geniculea
372 Ennomos alniaria Canary-shouldered Thorn 03/08/2013
373 Xanthorhoe ferrugata Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet 03/08/2013
374 Argyresthia albistria


Meal Moth

Straw Underwing

Dark Sword-grass (3/4 of one anyway, not sure how it flew into garden!)

Agriphila geniculea

Lunar-spotted Pinion

Canary-shouldered Thorn

Traps have been getting increasingly brown on each side of each tray ...


Also plenty of other interesting things in and around traps, some more welcome than others ....

Pseudoloxops coccineus - smart

Ravenous moth muncher

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