Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tree-lichen Beauty 2nd for VC26

With thanks to Tris and Andy for the comments on my last post.

I have run the trap once since and the additions are below:

173. Euzophera pinguis
174. Eudonia mercurella
175. Oegoconia deauratella
176. Canary-shouldered Thorn
177. Straw Underwing
178. Vapourer
179. Dusky Sallow
180. Coleophora trifolii
181. Argyresthia goedartella
182. Lampronia fuscatella
183. Tree-lichen Beauty

Tree-lichen Beauty is only the second record for VC26 and I caught the first too! I had the first on 28th July last year, so within days of this record. Maybe there could be a colony nearby? Suffolk Moths describes them as 'immigrant and recent resident' but all the records are from the coast and specifically east / south-east of the County.

Shot of the beauty and a few others below. Cheers!

Straw underwing 


Dusky Sallow 

Tree-lichen Beauty 

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