Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Mothvana in my face.

It's been an incredible July for moths. Staggering. 179 new species in this month alone, can't quite believe it. I haven't run the trap every night, but with good weather it's been rude not to. Each night has bought in a handful of new moths, as well as stacks of the old favourites - dark arches, flame, minors, more recently common rustics, uncertain, common footman, and riband wave. Here's a few pics:
Varied coronet

Bordered sallow

Large emerald

White satin moth

Leopard moth
Rosy footman
So, somehow I have manged to reach the almost absurd total of 349 moth and butterfly species recorded in the garden this year. The micros have been a new thing for me, and poring over them at the breakfast table is a new bad habit. But really enjoying the challenge, and learning lots. I only wish the dark green fritillary that turned up not far from the house had decided to stop in the garden. Ah well, you can't win em all. August - humming-bird hawk on the wanted list...

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