Thursday, 18 July 2013

Derby Update - Creeping (slowly) Towards 200

Mothing continues apace in my small Derbyshire garden and results have been very good over the recent spell of good weather.

At the last count (16th July) I have recorded 173 Lepidoptera in the garden which includes 8 butterflies. 

Checking the trap is now a whole family activity and has resulted in a few nearly late arrivals to school.  Getting the kids involved is very rewarding especially as my 4 year old was shown a mobile picture of a moth seen in her nursery teachers house.  Daughter came home fetched the book from the shelf, found the moth, took the book in to nursery today and showed the teacher.  Spot on - daughter got a sticker!  Moth was a Swallow-tailed of which we have had plenty in the garden so a little bit of cheating but nonetheless I was very proud!

Here's a little selection of those caught recently.

Barred Yellow
 Burnished Brass and Small Fan-foot
Golden Plusia
 Leopard Moth
 Epiblema foenella
 Couple of Buff Arches

 Silver Y

If only I was a little better at micros I would be well over the 200 mark!  Hoping over time they get a little easier!

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