Thursday, 11 July 2013

Steady Progress in Oxford

Whilst others here are getting 100+ catches each night, here in central Oxford it's been more modest progress. The continuing good weather had meant good catches of 40+ moths and the prospect of several new year ticks each day. Since my last update I've moved on to a total of 125, comprising 114 moths and 11 butterflies with Painted Lady and a surprising Meadow Brown the latest additions to the latter total. Many of the latest additions have been fiddly Tortrices and micros though there have been a few larger moths as well. Here's the list of latest additions.

93    04/07/2013    Light Emerald
94    04/07/2013    Rustic
95    06/07/2013    Eudonia Lacustrata
96    06/07/2013    Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix
97    06/07/2013    Holly Tortrix
98    06/07/2013    Light Arches
99    06/07/2013    Burnished Brass
100    07/07/2013    Buff-tip
101    07/07/2013    Acleris notana/ferrug agg
102    08/07/2013    Coronet
103    09/07/2013    Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix
104    10/07/2013    Black Neck
105    08/07/2013    Eudonia Pallida
106    09/07/2013    Acleris Forsskaleana
107    09/07/2013    Red-barred Tortrix
108    09/07/2013    Large Fruit-tree Tortrix
109    09/07/2013    Double-square Spot
110    09/07/2013    Coleophora sp
111    10/07/2013    Udea Prunalis
112    10/07/2013    Smokey Wainscot
113    10/07/2013    Blastodacna Hellerella
114    11/07/2013    Dark Arches

Burnished Brass
Light Arches
Acleris Forsskaleana
Dark Arches

My seven year old son is still very much enjoying helping me check the trap each morning and I'm getting better at ID'ing some of the many micros that I'm getting. I've even managed to add a few more year ticks to the Upper Thames Branch year list. Long may this good weather continue!

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