Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Some ids in Bucks

After going through the contents of my fridge, I have managed to id a few additional moths from the last few nights, adding in a small way to my challenge list:

203. Agriphila tristella
204. Thrachycera advenella
205. Athrips mouffetella
206. Cork Moth (NFG)
207. Timothy Tortrix (NFG)

Last night was a thunderstorm and heavy rain, but there were still moths in the trap, including a few new ones:

208. August Thorn
209. Vapourer (NFG)
210. Copper Underwing agg. (flew off before I could have a decent look...)
211. Agriphila inquinatella
212. Carcena quercana
213. Phoenix
214. Scalloped Hook-tip
215. Orthopygia glaucinalis

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