Monday, 22 July 2013

More from West Bridgford

I'm trapping a little more regularly now which has meant I've been able to add to my list, with new moths for me each time I trap and the catches getting larger each time I do it.

New additions since last time are

Tuesday 16th July

Willow Beauty
Single Dotted Wave
Toadflax Pug

Small Rivulet

and this, which I think may be Smoky Wainscot?

Friday 19th July

Dwarf Cream Wave
Large Yellow Underwing
White Satin

Poplar Grey

Orthopygia glaucinalis

and then a host of unidentified moths which i require help with.

Crambus pratella?

Ermine sp?

 Couple of macros...

Couple of micros....

any help would be appreciated.... I promise i'll get my micro book soon :)


  1. I would suggest you ermine is most likely a Bird Cherry Ermine, but this group are very tricky.
    Your first macro for ID looks very like a Light Arches to me and your other macro could be a Cabbage Moth.
    Your penultimate micro looks like a good contender for Acleris forsskaleana.

    Hopefully someone else will be along soon to help with the rest etc :-)

  2. ....and I think your 'Smoky Wainscot' may actually be a Small Dotted Buff (difficult to be certain from the image but it appears to show a couple of rows of dots indicative of that species IMHO)

  3. cheers Tristan. yep I did think that for cabbage but wasn't sure as its quite faded. I guess that could be light arches, again it seems quite faded.

    the SDB/wainscot is a tricky one. I wish i'd taken some sort of measurement but was in a rush and it flew off shortly after getting photographed, I think it was a bit big for SDB though and the vertical streak on the wing seems like it should tell us something! guess they'll stick in the maybe pile for now! I've had another since so hopefully i'll get one tonight and i'll have a proper look.