Saturday, 27 July 2013

Over 200 for July

Monday 22nd was the last night we put the trap out in our garden in July, as we headed down to Dorset on holiday on Tuesday. It was a record-breaker for numbers of individual moths - 216 - although not for species, of which we've identified 67. They included some good garden records, including Small Waved Umber, Acleris aspersana and Ypsolopha scabrella and brought the total species recorded in the garden in July to 204. Our total on the year is now 294 - 283 moths and eleven butterflies.

Acleris aspersana, 22nd July

Small Waved Umber, 22nd July

Ypsolopha scabrella, 22nd July
As luck would have it, I caught and photographed a micro moth in a bedroom of our holiday accommodation in Christchurch, Dorset, and it seems likely to be an Udea fulvalis, quite a rare species for the county, although not unknown around Christchurch. However, I appreciate that it can't be counted for the GMC...

Likely Udea fulvalis, 25th July (in Dorset)

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