Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hot Weather in Bucks

A few days of hot weather, and the moths are arriving in their droves, with the nightly catches showing twice the number of species and 4 times the number of moths as previously.

After my MV session on Saturday night, I finally got round to checking the moths I'd potted and also getting advice on some photos; this added a few more for my challenge list:

145. Treble Brown Spot
146. Dusky Brocade (lifer)
147. Lychnis (lifer)


Over the last two nights, I've had around 50 species in total, and quite a few were new for my challenge list, including again some species not previously seen in my garden:

147. Pseudargyrotoza conwagana (NFG)
148. Scoparia pyralella
149. Udea prunalis
150. Common Emerald (strictly speaking, in the house rather than the garden!)
151. Small Blood Vein
152. Small Dusty Wave
153. Dwarf Pug
154. Peacock Moth (NFG)
155. Brown Silver-line (NFG)
156. Pale Oak Beauty (NFG)
157. Buff Footman
158. Miller (NFG)


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