Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bucks Update

I have been away on a beach/mothing holiday in South Wales (and I think a week's worth of garden trapping there will easily trounce what I've had so far this year in Bucks. Hmm...)

I did trap for GMS just before I went away, and again last night, when for the first time this year I scored over 100 moths (although one night in Wales, I got that many just in Dark Arches, so...).
Anyway, new species for my challenge list:

159. Bramble Shoot Moth
160. Pammene fasciana
161. Dipleurina lacustrata
162. Phlyctaenia coronata
163. Mother of Pearl
164. Endotricha flammealis
165. Wax Moth
166. White Plume Moth
167. Buff Arches
168. Small Emerald
169. Clay Triple-lines
170. Dwarf Cream Wave
171. Yellow Shell
172. July Highflyer
173. Fern
174. Small Rivulet
175. V Pug
176. Scalloped Oak
177. Poplar Hawk-moth
178. Scarce Footman
179. Short-cloaked Moth
180. Lesser Yellow Underwing
181. Smoky Wainscot
182. Common Rustic agg.
183. Rustic

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