Saturday, 6 July 2013

Unseasonably warm

The last couple of balmy nights have brought some spectacular results (by the standards of our garden), with 124 individuals of 53 species on the 4th and 145 of 47 species (pending one whose ID is being checked in case it's something interesting!) on the 5th. Quite a few NFY, too: thirteen on the 4th and five on the 5th. Most of these have been micros, and I'm finding them quite fun to identify (with some valuable expert help), although there are always those that get away. Among the best of the catches have been our first ever Peach Blossom, a species I've long wanted to see, along with a Gothic, a Phoenix and a Yellow Shell.

Gothic, 4th July

Peach Blossom, 4th July

Phoenix, 4th July

Yellow Shell, 5th July
Among the micros, Catoptria pinella was a species I've been looking for for some time, and Eucosma campolileana was a nice one to ID. With the weather looking set to continue fair, I'm hoping for a continuation of the current big catches: main problem is finding the time to process them, but I'll manage...

Catoptria pinella, 5th July

Eucosma campolileana, 5th July

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