Wednesday, 10 July 2013

200+ up in Oxfordshire

Some continuing big catches by our standards in Wolvercote, with 179 individuals of 63 species on 7th July and good numbers of NFY and indeed NFG. Among the latter, a nice Hypsopygia costalis, a Dingy Shears, a Lilac Beauty and a Treble Brown Spot.

Dingy Shears, 7th July

Hypsopygia costalis, 6th July

Spruce Carpet, 7th July

Treble Brown Spot, 7th July

As before, identifying micros is an interesting challenge, but it's becoming slightly easier to know what to look for. At any rate, our overall total now is 217: 209 moths, eight butterflies, with Small Tortoiseshell showing up in the garden over the last couple of days.

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