Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ton and a half!

My lack of posting since hitting the big one ton means I have a pretty hefty update!

Numerically it now looks like this:

106. Privet Hawkmoth  
107. Buff Arches 
108. Buff Tip
109.Large Fruit Tree Tortrix
110.Turnip Moth
111. Pale-shouldered Brocaded
112. Clouded Bordered Brindle
113. Poplar Grey
114. Smokey Wainscot
115.Large Ivy Tortrix
116. Beautiful Plume
117. Broad-barred White
118. Small Ranunculus
119. Yponomeuta evonymella (Bird Cherry Ermine)
120. Ringed China-mark
121. Acleris fosskaleana (Maple Button)
122. Dwarf Cream Wave
123. Single-dotted Wave
124. Clepsis consimilana (Privet Tortrix)
125. Mompha ochraceella (Buff Cosmet)
126. Large Emerald
127. Bryotropha terrella (Cinerous Groundling)
128. Ostrinia nubilalis (European Corn Barer)
129. Gypsonoma dealbana (Common Cloaked Shoot)
130. Prays fraxinella (Ash Bud Moth)
131. Argyresthia retinella (Netted Argent)
132. Least Carpet
133. Mother of Pearl
134. Dotted Border Wave
135. Endotricha flammealis (Rosy Taby)
136. Ditula angustiorana (Red-barred Tortrix)
137. Agapeta hamana (Hook-marked Straw Moth)
138. Barred Straw
139. White Plume Moth
140. Small Fan-footed Wave
141. Brown Scallop
142. Clay
143. Acleris variegana (Garden Rose Tortrix)
144. Orthopygia glaucinalis (Double-striped Tabby)
145. Dingy Shears

Ok, so technically it isnt a ton and a half - its five short - but basically its a ton and a half. Having had a look at the leader board I think we should do some drugs testing - there may be a little doping going on in the 300+ club. The fact that Les is tickling 400 is truly wonderful! What is possible in a year? 500, 1000, more?

Anyhows, here is some sweet photos from this last batch. Happy mothing!

Privet (chuffing awesome) Hawkmoth
Buff Tip
Large Emerald - total camouflage! 
Buff Ermine - looking particularly awesome 
Orthopygia glaucinalis - was particularly chuffed with this one. Very smart mothage! 

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  1. You sir have just identified Orthopygia glaucinalis for me. caught one last night and it had me stumped... cheers :)