Friday, 5 July 2013

One Ton

Me again! A second blog drop in a week! Still very pleased with the Lime Hawk from the weekend. Despite no Hawks another excellent catch overnight Weds - Thurs has seen me clear the 100 mark! A modest achievement given the leaders are tickling the big 300! but I am pleased non the less. 

Here is the additions that have seen me clear of the big one ton! 

95. Dot Moth
96. Swallowtail 
97. Barred Yellow
98. Brown Rustic 
99. Bordered White - what a moth! 
100. Cream-bordered Pea
101. Bird's Wing
102. Dark Brocade
103. Current Pug
104. Dingy Shell
105. Lesser Wax Moth 

As ever I have a couple of queries below and also a few pics for your delight and pleasure! 

Iron Prominent

Marbled Beauty


Green Pug

Barred Yellow

Light Brocade

Lesser Wax Moth 


  1. Your last one is a Lesser Wax Moth, nice record. Don't worry I am not much further up the road than you with just 141 species so far this year in the garden.

  2. Many thanks Benny - I've updated accordingly. Now on a nice round 105! I wonder where my nearest hives are? As you say nice record.

    Happy mothing :)