Thursday, 11 July 2013

Up To 144 in Hampshire, But Need Help With A Couple Of IDs

Having just updated my Skinner for a Robinson, my Moth Count has shot through the roof with some species I'd been hoping for for ages (Bird's Wing, Angle Shades, Common Footman, Rosy Footman, Mother of Pearl, Brimstone, Fan Foot, Swallow Tail) and I'm now up to 144 new species but there are a couple of moths I'm struggling to ID and hoped you guys would be able to help.

Mottled Beauty ab. conversaria (thanks to Matt for the ID)

Single Dotted Wave. Ditto thank you Matt :-)

Be very grateful for any help!

CT :-)


  1. Top is a Mottled Beauty ab. conversaria
    Bottom is a Single-dotted Wave.


  2. Brilliant! Thanks Matt. I would never have got those :-)