Thursday, 27 June 2013

A wave of waves

Nothing very out of the ordinary in Oxfordshire for a few days now (although a Small Elephant Hawkmoth on the 24th was a rather lovely garden first), but a sense both of numbers slowly continuing to improve (last night's catch of 51 individuals of 28 species was fairly typical) and of a change in the species showing up: pugs and carpets are perhaps less numerous than they were, and waves starting to show up more regularly. These latter I find rather more productive identification challenges than pugs - as long as they're well marked, they're not too difficult to work out - and they're also neat, quite attractive moths. Micros have also been numerous, and can be quite agreeable to look at, too - as well as interesting ID challenges.

Small Elephant Hawkmoth, 24th June

Riband Wave, 26th June

Dipleurina lacustrata, 26th June

Anyway, over the last couple of nights, seven NFY species: Aphelia paleana (or rather more memorably, Timothy Tortrix), Mottled Beauty, Small Fan-footed Wave, Dipleurina lacustrata, Riband Wave, Scoparia pyralella and Single-spotted Wave - three of those new to the garden, too.

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