Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lower Stondon update - still very slow

Well trapped on Monday night - 9 moths of 6 spp and last night 13 moths of 9 spp so still terrible for the time of year even with the high wind last night.

A few new for the garden year list recently like Small Elephant Hawk, Knot-grass, Heart & Dart, Large YU, White Ermine, Dark Arches etc. Last night also the first minors with a middle-barred Minor and two Marbled Minor agg.

Micros are very hard to come by in the garden trap this year with only one near bald Tortrix last night which will take some work to see what it is!

Year total now 49 moth spp & 4 Buttys = 53

Roll on decent mothing weather.....

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