Saturday, 22 June 2013

Marching onwards...

With many thanks to Stewart and Benny for their comments on my last post which added the following to my total:

59. Freyer's Pug
60. Vines Rustic
61. Large Nutmeg
62. Heart and Club.

In addition I trapped my first Elephant Hawkmoth of the year on Monday night, always awesome beasts.

63. Elephant Hawkmoth

Last night I did some more serious damage! Without the distractions of work and nursing a minor hangover I have spent most of the day identifying the catch. Very therapeutic and relaxing.

I had all but forgotten about the 'competitive' element of the challenge, so I basically choked on my beer when I read that the leaders have broken not the one ton but the two ton barrier! Congrats to Les on is Herculean efforts.

So, here is the additions from last nights bounty and a couple of photos for your delight and pleasure:

64. Small Dusty Wave
65. Poplar Hawkmoth
66. Flame
67. Common Footman
68. Green Pug
69. Knot Grass
70, Setaceous Hebrew Character
71. Willow Beauty
72. Buff Ermine
73. Common Carpet
74. Straw Dot
75. Tawny Speckled Pug
76. Scoparia ambigualis (Common Grey)

Small Dusty Wave

Poplar Hawk - the boss! 

This Vine's Rustic?

Common Carpet 

Buff Ermine 

Marbled Minor! 

Wee Pug I took to be Freyer's? 


  1. Uncertain for your Vine's :)
    Yes to Freyer's

  2. Yep, I'd say that your minor is a Marbled Minor agg. :-)