Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Slowly Picking Up in Oxford

It's great to read about everyone's catches here on the blog but its quite a contrast to compare all the lovely big moths that others are catching compared to my garden which tends to be a lot of small stuff - Carpets being a speciality. Still I've been soldiering on and trapping most nights now that the weather is at long last improving. This has resulted in a steady trickle of new moths and has finally brought up the fifty mark. New moths over the last week or so have been Common Marbled Carpet, Cabbage, Turnip and Lesser Treble-bar. I'm also catching plenty of Pugs which really do my head in as far as ID is concerned. I think that they're actually all Commons though I'm amazed at the variation in size.

 Lesser Treble-bar



Yet another mystery Pug - I assume it's just a Common
Please correct me if I'm mistaken

Latest Score: 45 moths + 7 butterflies = 52


  1. Hi Your Pug looks like a worn White spotted Pug. See the pale spot on the thorax and the very end of the abdomen, plus its the wrong shape for Common Pug...

    I have a pic of one recently on my blog...

    Cheers Stewart

  2. Thanks Stewart for that, another tick for the year list then!