Monday, 3 June 2013

Another monster

After a couple of Poplar Hawkmoths last week, we had a substantial creature in (or more accurately, near) the moth trap last night: our first Puss Moth ever:

Puss Moth, 2nd June

Very large indeed, and surprisingly tenacious in keeping hold of anything it grabbed. In all , twelve species:

Bright-line Brown-eye 1
Brimstone 2
Clouded Border 1
Common Pug 3
Epiphyas postvittana 2
Flame Shoulder 2
Green Carpet 6
Heart and Dart 1
Muslin Moth 1
Puss Moth 1
Rustic Shoulder-knot 1
White Ermine 2

- with the Heart and Dart also a first for the year. Total now 79 (73 moths, six butterflies).

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