Monday, 10 June 2013

Crawling Along in Oxford

I can't believe just how slow going it is on the moth front at present. Since my last posting the highest count that I've had has been 10 moths and last night I managed just a miserable 3 specimens. Still at least I'm getting a steady trickle of year ticks which keeps me going. Also my (nearly) seven year old son is starting to take an interest and we now check out the trap contents as part of our morning ritual.

Below are the new moths for the year.
04/06/2013    White-spotted Pug
05/06/2013    Buttoned Snout
06/06/2013    Common Wave
06/06/2013    Knot Grass
07/06/2013    Spruce Carpet
09/06/2013    Broad-barred White

 Buttoned Snout

Common Wave

Knot Grass

Spruce Carpet

Broad-barred White which gets the 
"Moth of the Week" Award

Thanks to Stewart for ID'ing the White-spotted Pug from my last blog posting - I do find Pug's incredibly difficult though at least I am starting to get to know some of the commoner ones a bit better. The Snout and the Broad-barred White were both actually year ticks for the whole Upper Thames recording area so at least I feel that I am contributing something to the sum of mothy knowledge.

I'm going to be away now on a birding trip to Scotland so won't be trapping for the rest of the week. Given how slowly things are progressing at present I doubt that I'll be missing too much.

Latest Score: 51 Moths + 7 Butterflies = 58


  1. Hi Adam, nice selection of moths, but I think the Knot Grass may be a Poplar Grey. They're very similar.

  2. Yup Poplar Grey for me too...

  3. Hi guys, sorry for the slow response but I've been away. Thanks for the ID correction, looking at it now I can see that you're correct - it's still very much a learning process for me.