Sunday, 2 June 2013

Thats more like it...

Was away overnight Friday and returned home to find three Garden Carpet on the front door! I knew it was a good sign so I put the moth trap out with hight expectations... 

... the result is a few more to add to the list after Pug-gate on Friday... feel free to correct any I.D. errors and happy moth'ing one and all...

40. Dark Dagger agg
41. Campion
42. Common Pug
43. Buttoned Snout
44. Bright-line Brown-eye
45. White Ermine
46. Heart and Dart
47. Nutmeg
48. Light Brocade
49. Oak-tree Pug

Oak-tree Pug
Light Brocade 
Dagger agg
 Not in the garden - but a Lakenheath when I visited this morning - what a beaut!

Drinker Moth caterpillar 

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