Sunday, 16 June 2013

First big haul...

Afternoon all, 

Couple weeks since my last update. Had a real haul last night with 20 species (providing my I.D. is correct) and including for multiples the catch was over 30!

50. Small Magpie
51. Celypha lacunana (Common Marble)
52. Clouded Silver
53. Marbled Minor agg
54. Light Emerald 
55. Common Rustic 
56. Treble Lines
57. Iron Prominent
58. Peppered Moth

I have a few queries below and it would be great if people could comment upon / correct my efforts! 

Clouded Silver  
Common Pug?
Marbled Minor agg. ?  
Common Rustic... I think?
Marbled Minor agg. ? 
Common Rustic 
Is this a Brindle?
Rustic I think and maybe Flounced - is that mad? 

These last two pics aren't garden moth specific but thought Garden Moth'ers might like 'em:

Common Tubic - lots of these at Levington, Suffolk yesterday. Very smart moths! 
Not even a moth! Caddisfly I think! 
Happy moth'ing one and all.


  1. Hi Jonny, From the top -
    Correct C silver
    Dwarf Pug or Freyers Pug, depends on size, Freyers looking fave.
    Yes MM agg
    Rustic, Uncertain or Vines Rustic tricky from pic.
    MM agg
    Common Rustic agg ( not PS Brocade as on Twitter!)
    Looks like Large Nutmeg
    Heart and Club

    Some tricky ones there Jonny but have a lookm a pics of my suggestions and see what you reckon...

    Cheers Stewart

  2. Afternoon Stewart and Benny,

    With many thanks for your corrections. Its a bit overwhelming to go from 5 moth catches to this lot!