Thursday, 20 June 2013

My 100th species in Bucks.

Firstly, I had a bunch of micros I caught during the last couple of weeks id'd by an expert, which has given me a few cheap extras for my challenge list:

86. Argyresthia trifasciata
87. Parornix devoniella
88. Caloptilia syringella 
89. Teleiopis diffinis
90. Capua vulgana
91. Epinotia tedella    

Secondly, last night, an increased catch after the warmest day of the year and a muggy night never dropping below 17C... I had 50 moths of 28 species and there are a couple of micros in the fridge which may need to go the same route as those above.

The new species were as follows:

92. Udea olivalis
93. Peppered Moth
94. Small Elephant Hawk-moth
95. Crambus lathoniellus
96. Pyrausta aurata
97. Codling
98. Heart & Club
99. Coronet 
100.White-spotted Pug



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