Sunday, 9 June 2013

Flaming June at Galley

The last week has been our summer, with rain due tomorrow. Having moved the trap to a new spot on the sheltered side (from the persistent easterlies - where were they in April??), I've been getting great mixed species hauls with plenty new for the year!

Highlights from this morning included five of these - a new one for me!

Treble lines

Also one that nearly got away, but managed a quick snap before it flew. ID'd by a reliable source, as it was yet another I'd failed to find in the book - slowly learning where to start for each species but still get wrong-footed fairly often!

Ruddy Highflyer

A couple of species that I trapped last week but caught again today

Pod Lover


And finally - an enormous fat lady, loitering under the last egg box - she spent most of the time in the pot playing dead, but calmed down eventually and looked a bit more alive just before she flew off

female Fox Moth
Just tallied up and the fox moth makes it 50 species for the year in the garden, not including several pugs that are beyond me! Pretty impressed with that, though its small beer compared to some!

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