Friday, 31 May 2013

50 - 'A Mini Milestone'

After a slow start things seem to be picking up and despite some less than regular trapping due to being away surveying newts I have managed to pass 50 species of moth and butterflies for the garden.  As of today (31/05) my total stands at 51 of which 7 are butterflies and 44 species of moth.

Must say thanks to the Twitter #teammoth for all their help and I'm hoping to pass the 100 species at some point this summer (if we have one).

Highlights this year have been two species of Hawk-moth (Poplar and Lime), Spectacled, Peppered Moth, The Miller, Scalloped Hazel, Early Thorn and Pine Beauty.

Here's a selection of moths caught - all of which you will have seen already if you follow me on Twitter (@MarkG76).

Pine Beauty

Blogger is being a pain again - hence random picture sizes and no captions!

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