Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Suddenly Some New Oxford Moths

After a week or so of just getting one or two moths in the trap that I already had (Early Grey and Hebrew Character) suddenly the warm weather has kicked things into action. Still not any great numbers but over the last couple of nights I've managed eight new year ticks. Compared to the exotic lovelies that others are getting it's all rather mundane but it's nice to have some new moths to work on. All in all, rather representative of my garden: not the great variety that others get but enough to keep me interested.

So the new ticks are: V-Pug (new for garden & probable recording area year tick), Yellow-barred Brindle, Bee Moth, Garden Carpet, a Cnephasia sp. (presumed Communana from the size and time of year), Many-plumed Moth, Least Black Arches and Common Carpet. There's also been a noticeable pick-up in butterfly activity with two Holly Blues in the garden on a daily basis and various Whites nipping through though often not sticking around long enough for me to check the ID.

Holly Blue
Common Carpet
Least Black Arches
Many-plumed (or Twenty-plumed) Moth
Yellow-barred Brindle

Latest Score: 20 Moths & 4 Butterflies = 24

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